For many years, tankless water heaters have been used in many cities in Japan and in Europe. In the US, it was not until energy-efficient technologies became the trend when residents and business owners started to seek for alternative options.

A tankless water heater is sometimes referred to as “on-demand” or “instant” water heater because this machine produces hot water only when it is needed. Once you open the hot water tap, you are sending the cold water down to the heater. Once water is settled, the heating elements are turned on. The heat can be adjusted and the amount of energy used is always relative to the quantity of water being utilized. The whole system shuts down as soon as you tap the hot water off, therefore putting energy usage to a stop.

Unlike traditional water heaters where hot water is stored and the machine is only put on stand-by when not in use, a tankless water heater is only turned on when you need it, or only when there is a demand from the users. Hence, you save the energy you would usually consume with a traditional heater that is turned on all day and all night, and the users can enjoy the heater without the slightest possibility that it will run out of water. If you are usually the last person to leave the home, this can just be your ultimate recourse!

Sacramento homeowners as well as owners of businesses, such as restaurants, salons, spas and gyms, will definitely benefit from using tankless water heater. Not only will they contribute to an improved environment, but they will also save up to 60% of the usual energy spent on traditional tankless water heater.

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