There are two common reasons why your water bill skyrockets. One is when you increase consumption voluntarily, and second is when there are leaks you are unaware of.

Water leaks can definitely bring inconvenience to any home or commercial establishment as it can cause flooding. The amount of wasted water depends on the size of the hole on the pipe, and once the left is not resolved immediately, the hole can get bigger and can cause more damage. But probably the most damaging leaks in your home or office is what we call slab leaks.

Slab leaks are leaks that occur right beyond the concrete foundation of your home, whether it is below your floor or behind your wall. This typically happens in homes or buildings that have been built for years because slab leaks are usually caused by the deterioration of the pipes, leading to pinholes. The leaking water can further induce damage such as discoloration of your painted floor, dampening of your carpet, foul smell, and even weaken your floor and cause holes.

These are not ordinary leaks that can easily be detected and resolved, and you will absolutely need the help of a professional to handle this issue.

Sacramento Water Slab Leaks Installation Company

Sutherland Plumbing & Construction knows exactly how to effectively deal with slab leaks. Using the latest technology in electronic slab leak detection, we can immediately and accurately identify the location of slab leaks that are found beyond the concrete boundaries of your home or building. Upon identification, we bring immediate action to repair the pipe or, should the circumstances need it, to replace old slabs with new pipes so you can go back to your daily functions not worrying about your floor or your walls.
Sutherland Plumbing & Construction takes pride in its team of plumbing technicians whose training, skills and experience have earned the trust of thousands of residential and commercial areas in Sacramento, Orangevale, Roseville, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Granite Bay, Fair Oaks and nearby cities who had to deal with slab leaks and plumbing services. Trust on us to get the job done right and quick for our client’s ultimate convenience!

Are you experiencing sudden soar of water bill? Are you hearing noises underneath your floor or behind your wall? Seek professional help in identifying and resolving you plumbing issue! Contact Sutherland Plumbing & Construction today for a FREE CONSULTATION.