Backflow prevention is essential to ensure that your water is uncontaminated and safe to use at all times. It is required by law and often controlled by the local Public Water Authorities of your city.
Backflow is the process whereby there is reversal of water from your property to the public water system of your community. This happens for many reasons, such as when there are cross connections that let inappropriate substances enter the water system like if you have pumps, heat exchange equipment, water distribution system or boilers. Similarly, back pressure occurs when the usual pressure in your water supply system is reduced and reaches a level that would allow your system to become exposed to contaminations coming from the ground or from other sources of unwanted substance.

Backflow Prevention Device Installation Sacramento

To prevent any of these from happening, a certified technician must install a backflow prevention device, such as a check valve, among many others. However, a backflow prevention device must only be installed by a certified technician. No other contracted or plumber in Sacramento is authorized by the local government to handle installment, monitoring and maintenance of a backflow prevention device than someone who has earned certification in this service. Moreover, this device must be installed strictly in accordance with specific building or plumbing codes.

Note that only residential and commercial establishments who have passed the standards of the local government can be cleared by the city. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the government body that regulates the services of local water suppliers who are required to ensure the safety of water users.

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