Video inspection is a relatively new service that enables you to have a visual of how your drainage system looks like, so you would know what type of service you should avail from your technician.

As one of the most trusted plumbing company in Sacramento, Sutherland Plumbing & Construction has been known for providing honest, dedicated and cost efficient service to residents and business owners in Sacramento and surrounding cities like Orangevale, Roseville, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Granite Bay and Fair Oaks. One of the services offered by our team is video inspection.

Through video inspection, our technicians will be using breakthrough technology that uses infrared light through a fiber optic cable to produce an image of your drain or sewer in an attached monitor. Our technician will educate you on the things that you see on the monitor, allowing you to be able to see what has gone wrong with your drain. As they say, “to see is to believe”. With video inspection, there is no way your plumber can fabricate plumbing issues that really did not exist.

Sacramento Drain or Sewer Cleaning Through Video Inspection

Through video inspection, you and your plumber will be able to identify right then and there the right drain or sewer cleaning method that will work for your problem. No time will be wasted on trying out rooting when the real problem must be dealt with by hydro jetting. In other words, we both save our valuable time and energy trying to resolve the issue.
It is best to have your drain and sewer issues be checked by a plumbing company in Sacramento that offers video inspection. Sutherland Plumbing is provides this service to residents and business owners in Sacramento and surrounding areas like Roseville, Concord, Rocklin, Vallejo Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Granite Bay and Elk Grove.

Are you looking to have your drain or sewer cleaned? Make sure you hire a company that offers video inspection! Sutherland Plumbing & Construction is your trusted company for drains and sewers cleaning. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION!